Selasa, 20 April 2010

my ♥ly #MJfam

hello blogger :))), long time i didn't write in my blog .
okay, now i'll write, read this :)))

i don't know when we know each others and i don't know when we became a good friends like this . i meet they in my account (twitter) . at twitter i met a lot of friends who love Michael Jackson like me . okay i'll introducing them, see and read it :)

The first i knew Nadhira Anindita Ralena or we can called her with Dita . She is now the second grade in her junior high school . She attended the lab school Kebayoran . She is the youngest, you know she's so beautiful . wekekeke this is real . She's was infatuated with Prince

The second, i knew a pretty girl for the second time, this is Judith Thalia . She's from Medan, It is located on the north island of Sumatra, how far is it, and because Michael, we look so close . She's like me, now we the first grade in her senior high school, beautifull ?? yes she is, i'm not lie !!

The third is Cerry Elle Pragita . She's from Tangerang Selatan, it's near from my county . She's same with me and Judith . she's the third pretty person, wuuhuuuuuu . She's the big fans of Justin bieber too

since i knew they, i got a lot of MJfam from another country, And i feel i like got a new family, although we never meet before, i hope we can meet each other, Ameen :DD

The fourth i knew Intan Pradipta . She know everything about Michael Jackson more than me, now she's the third grade in her junior high school . Soon she will became the first-grade in her the new high school . She look's so beauty with her braces, hehehe, she's so friendly if you know her self, youu see her photo, she with her book :)) and she really love Prince too, hehehe .

The fifth, you know who is she ? let me introduce . Her name is Inne Dwika Putri . She's from Bukit Tinggi, it's so far from Jakatra, but it's near from Medan, isn't it Judith ?? She's so friendly, charming, and beautifull, hahaha . S
he's just like Intan . soon She will become a first-grader in her the new school too :)) .

And this is the last . She's the older from us . Her name is Farah Dilla Oli . She's from Depok . She's our senior . She's the sixth a pretty girl i ever knew in my MJfam before . She's really friendly and cute . Sometimes she's very puttees, I don't know why, maybe she is fallin' in love . hehehe kidding sist :D .

Finally, I finished writing about them that I know . I'm so sorry if my grammar is still a mess . let's see and enjoy it :)

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