Senin, 21 Desember 2009


Now I'm just wondering why you think
That you can get to me with anything
Seems like you'd now by now
When and how I get down
And with all that I've been through, I'm still around

Don't you ever make no mistake
Baby I've got what it takes
And there's no way you'll ever get to me
Why can't you see that you'll never ever hurt me
'Cause I won't let it be, see I'm too much for you baby

You can't believe it, you can't conceive it
And you can't touch me, 'cause I'm untouchable
And I know you hate it, and you can't take it
You'll never break me, 'cause I'm unbreakable

Now you can't stop me even though you think
That if you block me, you've done your thing
And when you bury me underneath all your pain
I'm steady laughin', while surfacing

Don't you ever make no mistake
Baby I've got what it takes
And there's no way you'll ever get to me
Why can't you see that you'll never ever hurt me
'Cause I won't let it be, see I'm too much for you baby

You can't believe it, you can't conceive it
And you can't touch me, 'cause I'm untouchable
And I know you hate it, and you can't take it
You'll never break me, 'cause I'm unbreakable

You can't believe it, you can't conceive it
And you can't touch me, 'cause I'm untouchable
And I know you hate it, and you can't take it
You'll never break me, 'cause I'm unbreakable

You can try to stop me, but it won't do a thing
No matter what you do, I'm stll gonna be here
Through all your lies and silly games
I'm a still remain the same, I'm unbreakable


You can't believe it, you can't conceive it
And you can't touch me, 'cause I'm untouchable
And I know you hate it, and you can't take it
You'll never break me, 'cause I'm unbreakable

You can't believe it, you can't conceive it
And you can't touch me, 'cause I'm untouchable
And I know you hate it, and you can't take it
You'll never break me, 'cause I'm unbreakable

You can't believe it, you can't conceive it
And you can't touch me, 'cause I'm untouchable
And I know you hate it, and you can't take it
You'll never break me, 'cause I'm unbreakable

Minggu, 20 Desember 2009

I wanna say it but it's so hard

hmm, you know, what i fell right now ??
now i'm really
hate you so much more than everything !!!

Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

target before NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sebentar lagi kan udah mau new year kan yaaa, dan kayaknya yang gue inginnin di tahun ini banyak yang ga kesampean ( ya Allah sabar ) nahh gue mau sebelum new year gue mau memiliki ini semua :DDD

ini nokia 5230 express music, touch screen . dad i wanna this gadget !!!

second, i really really wanna this gadget,hohoho nokia 5530 touch screen juga !!!!!!!!!!!

third, X3 tapi slide !!!!!!!! i did'nt like slide . gampang rusak . tapi keren :DD

and the last nokia X6 the twins of X3 . look is this gadget same with 5530 ???

hahaha yang gue mau-in banyak banget yeekan:)) namanya juga manusia, inget kata bu Aminatun, bhahahahaha pisss :DDD moga-moga aja bokap gue mau ngebeliin salah satu dari gadget ini :DDD yang jelas pastinya before ney year begin .

Selasa, 15 Desember 2009

my desire in 2010

sebentar lagi taun 2010, gue harap yang ga gue dapetin di tahun ini bisa gue dapetin di tahun besok, amin amin .
hahahaha, yaudahlah read this post what i want in next year (2010)

1. i wanna change my handphone
2. i wanna get a good score and i wanna move to another SE
3. got a long age (yaiyalah pasti)
4. got a new boyfriend, hahahaha
5. can
reconvene with my junior high school when my birthday ( revi, eza, rina, lita miss you so much :') )
7. can be SMARTER than KURNIA PUTRI KRISTANTI and the last
8, i hope SAMAN can be good than this year .
9. i wanna LOMO camera :DD

i wanna this phone
nokia 5230


blackberry curve 8520 gemini

i hope my dad will buy for this in my birthday
ah banyak maunya gue, tapi ga papa
and i wanna this camera

Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

Likes Orianthi Panagaris, Michael Jackson, Cory Kennedy, and Jeremy Sumpter

First my Idol . She is Orianthi Panagaris . Who is doesn't know about her ?? woooo she's so beautiful . Okay, i'll tell about she .

Orianthi Panagaris, commonly known as Orianthi, is an Australian guitarist. Orianthi is best known for being Michael Jackson's guitarist for his comeback concert series, This Is It. Her debut single "According to You" has peaked at #8 in Australia, and her debut album Believe was released throughout the last three months of 2009 worldwide.

Orianthi was born in Adelaide, Australia, of half Greek descent. She learned to play the acoustic guitar at six because of her father, started electric when she was eleven and left school at 15 to focus on writing songs and performing. She has been playing in different friends' bands since she was 14 in England and in France. Her first support show was for Steve Vai aged 15. Orianthi had the opportunity to meet and jam with Carlos Santana when she was 18. He invited Orianthi to get up and jam with him at soundcheck then later asked if she would join him on stage that night to jam. She is signed with Geffen Records in late 2006, and in 2008 struck a management deal with 19 Entertainment and currently lives in the United States and in Asia.

Orianthi has played with Prince, made a video clip for Panasonic HD, had a song featured in Bratz: The Movie, played at the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival, appeared in The New York Times business section promoting Eco-friendly acoustic guitars,and was named in the 12 Greatest Female Electric Guitarists. She also appeared at the 51st annual Grammy Awards as Carrie Underwood's lead guitarist with Underwood inviting Orianthi to become a member of her band. A guitar solo by Orianthi is featured on the song "Sleepwalker" on Adam Lambert's debut album For Your Entertainment.

Orianthi was Michael Jackson's lead guitarist and was present on all rehearsals for his This Is It concerts before his death, n regards to being handpicked by Jackson, she stated:

I don’t know exactly why he picked me, but he watched my YouTube videos and loved them. He had his choice of guitar players, but I came in and played the ‘Beat It’ solo for him. Afterward he was so happy he got up and grabbed my arm and started walking up and down the stage area with me. He said, ‘Can you play once for me?’ He hired me that night. I wish he was still around. He made me believe in myself more, and I learned so much. Going into it, I thought it would be all about playing guitar solos. But the majority of it was playing chords and funky rhythms.
She played and sang at Jackson's memorial, globally televised live on July 7, 2009. She appears in the film Michael Jackson's This Is It, which chronicles the rehearsals for the tour

Second, he's my big IDOL . Yeah, he is Michael Jackson . I don't know when i like he . okay, i'll tell again about my second idol

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American musician, dancer, and entertainer. Referred to as the King of Pop, he is the most commercially successful and one of the most influential entertainers of all time. His unique contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with a highly publicized personal life, made him a prominent figure in popular culture for over four decades.

Alongside his brothers, he made his debut in 1964 as lead singer and youngest member of The Jackson 5, and later began a successful solo career in 1971. His 1982 album Thriller remains the best-selling album of all time, with Off the Wall (1979), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), and HIStory (1995) also among the world's best selling albums. He is widely credited with having transformed the music video from a promotional tool into an art form. Videos for his songs "Billie Jean", "Beat It" and "Thriller" made him the first African American artist to amass a strong crossover following on MTV. With stage performances and music videos, Jackson popularized a number of physically complicated dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk. His distinctive musical sound, vocal style and choreography inspired numerous pop, rock, R&B and hip hop artists breaking down cultural, racial, and generational barriers.

One of the few artists to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, his other achievements feature multiple Guinness World Records—including the "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time"—15 Grammy Awards (including the "Living Legend Award" and the "Lifetime Achievement Award"), 26 American Music Awards (24 only as a solo artist, including one for "Artist of the Century")—more than any artist—, 17 number one singles in the US (including the four as a member of the Jackson 5), and estimated sales between 350 million and 750 million records worldwide making him one of the best selling artists in history. He was also a notable philanthropist and humanitarian who donated and raised over 300 million dollars through support of 39 charities and his own Heal the World Foundation.

Jackson's personal relationships and life generated controversy for years. His changing appearance was noticed from the late 1970s onwards, with changes to his nose and to the color of his skin drawing media publicity. He was accused of child sexual abuse in 1993 though no charges were brought, and in 2005 he was tried and acquitted of further allegations. He married twice, first in 1994 and again in 1996, and brought up three children, one born to a surrogate mother. While preparing for the This Is It concert tour in 2009, Jackson died at the age of 50 after suffering from cardiac arrest. He reportedly had been administered drugs such as propofol and lorazepam, and his death was ruled a homicide by the Los Angeles County coroner. His death triggered an outpouring of grief from around the world with his globally live broadcast memorial service attracting an audience of up to one billion people .

Third, Cory Kennedy. Let's see her story

Cory Kennedy-Levin (born February 21, 1990) is an American fashion model, who started her career as an Internet celebrity before becoming an international model in 2006. Labeled an "It girl" by and a "club urchin" by LA Weekly her MySpace page has garnered over 20,000 "friends". She is managed by One Model Management, the same agency as Devon Aoki and Bridget Hall. Cory runs her own blog, and also is a photographer and journalist.

The last idol, Jeremy Sumpter . Oh God, how handsome you are, zzzzzzzzz

Jeremy Sumpter
was born on February 5th 1989, he leap to stardom playing the lead role in the 2003 update of Peter Pan but before that at age six, he was the youngest child in Kentucky to be accepted into the state's Gifted Arts program. Some of his artwork was exhibited in a local art gallery.

Jeremy and his twin sister, Jessica, and younger sister Jennifer, entered the International Model and Talent Association preliminary competition in Lexington, Kentucky. Jeremy was selected to compete at the International Modeling and Talent Association's Los Angeles International Convention where he went on to win "Pre-Teen Male Model of the Year," along with awards in Fashion/Runway, Commercial/Print and nine other categories.

Jeremy's first feature film was with former Teen Stars Online star Matthew O'Leary in the thriller, Frailty. Jeremy was very effective as Young Adam in this intense film from actor/director Bill Paxton. Other film roles includes Just a Dream from Showtime, as well as Local Boys which is now availiable on DVD where he played Skeet Dobson, and the before mentioned Peter Pan remake. On tv Jeremy had guest roles in E.R, Strong Medicine and CSI: Miami.

After Peter Pan Jeremy made the leap to television playing "pete" in the short lived series Clubhouse as a bat boy for the New York Empires. The series was very well acted and produced but just did not have the ratings. He later played "Justin Petersen" in Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life from Lifetime. and guest starred on an episode of CSI: Miami during the 07 season.

Jeremy's next stars in The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang where he plays "Gavin" also watch for him in An American Crime. he is attached to the films Prep School to play 'Simon", 'Rex' in Word of Mouth and 'Caselli' in Calvin Marshall.

Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

Peter Pan (2003 film)

the perpetually young Peter Pan from time to time visits his birthplace of London in 1904, where he becomes enthralled by the stories he hears being told by Wendy Darling to her brothers. Wendy asks to visit Never Land and Peter invites her to be the "mother" to his gang of Lost Boys. Before leaving, she asks to bring her brothers John and Michael, and Peter teaches them all to fly with him.

Out of jealousy, Tinker Bell tricks the Lost Boys into shooting Wendy as she approaches the island, but Wendy survives and the boys ask her to be their mother and tell them stories. Meanwhile Captain Hook captures John and Michael and holds them as bait for Peter. Wendy and Peter free them, with help from the Amerindian princess Tiger Lily and the timely arrival of the crocodile that ate Hook's hand.

That night, Peter and Wendy share a romantic "fairy dance", while Hook spies on them, distressed that Peter has "found himself a Wendy". Peter reminds Wendy that "they" are make believe, and Wendy confronts Peter about his feelings about love. Peter becomes upset with her, and tells her to go home if she's not happy. Wendy, in tears, escapes to her little house. Peter returns to the Darling house, and seeing that Wendy's mother is still waiting for the children to come home, he attempts to shut the window (to make Wendy's parents forget about them). But, after a struggle, Wendy's parents manage to reopen the window, refusing to let it be closed.

Hook later finds Wendy and has her carried to his ship, the Jolly Roger. There, he entices her with a job telling stories to the crew, then sends a spy to follow her to the Lost Boys' underground lair. The next day, after Peter hears of a new pirate, Wendy admits she was asked to serve as a crewman. Later, the pirates kidnap her and the boys by tying every one of them up and gagging them and carrying them over their shoulders to Hook's ship, but since Hook is unable to reach Peter, he leaves poison for Peter to drink when he wakes up. Tink stops him, poisoning herself in the process; Peter reaches out to the other children sleeping around the world, the Darlings, and even the pirates to sustain her with their belief in fairies.

Peter and Tink save the children from walking the plank, and they all fight against the pirates. Hook gets sprinkled with Tink's fairy dust, and duels Peter in the air, weakening him with taunts about Wendy abandoning him and growing up. Peter finally falls, unable to fight anymore and gives in to inevitable death. But with a "thimble"(kiss) from Wendy, Peter recovers and sends Hook above the crocodile. The crocodile takes a jump out of the water and snaps his jaws around Hook. Hook begins to think unhappy thoughts, which drag him down and allow the crocodile to swallow him alive. Wendy decides that she belongs back home, and returns to London with her brothers and the Lost Boys. Peter chooses not to grow up.

In an alternate ending based on Barrie's epilogue, included on the DVD release with unfinished special effects, Peter returns to the London house 20 years later, finding Wendy as a grown mother. He is deeply hurt when she tells him she has grown up, and walks over to Wendy's daughter who is asleep in bed. His sobbing awakes the little girl, and she introduces herself as Jane. Peter grins excitedly at Wendy, and with her mother's permission, Jane flies away with Peter to Neverland.

Senin, 07 Desember 2009

siap-siap buat kena marah senior

hari ini gue kesekolah bareng ade gue tersayang (hah?) tanpa ada dosa dan menyadari hal apapun . ade gue hari ini pake rok kotak-kotak, yang berarti hari ini adalah hari SELASA . Hari ini gue masih ulangan yang susah buat gue (oh GOD, FISIKA !!).Ulangan hari ini berakhir dengan pelajaran penjaskes yang sama sekali ga gue pelajarin dirumah karena terlalu fokus sama fisika .

Tadi gue pulang jan 11 kurang 15, dengan tanpa dosa gue jalan pulang sama Amel naik motor gue . Gue ga nyadar kalo hari ini itu hari selasa, padahal jelas-jelas gue dijalan ketemu anak yadika pake rok KOTAK-KOTAK !!! oh GOD yang paling parah gue lupa kalo hari ini latihan SAMAN buat lomba di 63 . Then, when i opened my account facebook, rika write something in my wall like this "
Laily , pulang aja . Seharusnya tadi latian tau , pada marah tuh kaka kaka nya . Ck ." oh shit man !!! gue lupa banget hari ini SAMAN !!! huahhh, siap-siap deh gue kena semprot anak kelas 2 .